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Miscellaneous Cables

For more information on the following Cables, please contact our Sales at sales@eastmint.com.
  • Automotive Cable
  • Elevator Cable
  • High Voltage Cable
  • Mining Cable
  • Multimediate Cables
  • Prefabricated Branch Cables
  • Telephone Cable

Aerial Optical Cables

OPGW Central steel tube OPGW with single stranded layer
  Central AL-covered steel tube OPGW
  AL tube structure OPGW
  Lightning resistant central steel tube OPGW with compressed wires
  Stranded steel tube structure OPGW with double stranded layers
OPPC Stranded steel tube structure OPPC
ADSS ADSS structure & application design description

Computer Cables

IDE/FDD cable; IDE cable; RS232 cable; Keyboard/Mouse cable; VGA cable USB cable

CHINT Electric Power Transmission & Distribution

Power Transformers up to 500kV; HV circuit breakers; GIS; Disconnectors & VCBs MV and LV Switchgears, Cubicles & Prefabricated Substations; LV Terminal Equipment Box; HV Surge Arresters, Insulators; HV Current/Voltage Transformers HV Capacitors; MV/LV Power Wires and Cables; Power Automation Equipment; Turn-key Project Construction.

Custom Made Cables

We can supply most of cables including special cables base on different requirements. Whatever the specification and length you need, we can also supply you.

For more information, please contact our Sales at sales@eastmint.com.